Share Your Experiences With The Divine Name

The Divine Name is a discovery (or perhaps I should say a “re-discovery”) of an ancient sound—what is considered to be the personal name of God. While many perceive that it is Hebraic in origin, delivered by Moses after his encounter with the Burning Bush (and others believe it was actually utilized in the Egyptian system, coming from the pharaoh Akhnaton and his high priest), it is my understanding that regardless of where it comes from, it is a universal sound and allows one to resonate with the energies of the divine. From my perspective, my initial experience with the Divine Name and my continued experiences with it have made it the most powerful and important aspect of my work with sound as a healing and transformative modality.

As noted in “The Global Healing Vision” article posted on this website, I had an experience at the 2011 Healing Sounds Intensive which lead me to believe that the Divine Name could be utilized individually and in groups in order to assist planetary healing and transformation. In short, I believe that simultaneously resonation of this sacred sound when coupled with a specific visualization can literally help shift the frequencies of our beloved planet and all the beings upon it.

I urge you to please read “The Global Healing Vision” and then, if you have either had experience with the Divine Name, Global Harmonization (a term meaning using sound in order to enhance peace and harmony on the Earth) or simply resonate with this vision, please share it here on this blog.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Remember: we heal the planet, we heal ourselves. We heal ourselves and we heal the planet. We can make a difference. It’s our choice.

 Following this writing are some comments and thoughts of other people—including perhaps some reviews that have passed our way. Please add your comments and thoughts to these.

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