11:11 Divine Name Seminar DVD Set

First Time Ever!
Now Available On DVD
Andi & Jonathan Goldman
Complete Week-End Workshop


4 DVD Set

  In the 11th Month of the 11th Year of the new Millennium (11/9/11 – 11/11/11) Jonathan Goldman & Andi Goldman presented a seminar on THE DIVINE NAME.

This once in a lifetime event culminated in the group Intonation of this most Sacred of Sounds at 11:11 on 11/11/11

Presented on a 4 DVD SET

The Divine Name Seminar is the first Jonathan Goldman workshop ever presented in DVD format!

Enjoy the in-depth experience of an immersive two day event
in the convenience and comfort of your own home!

  • Explore the scientific and spiritual basis of using sound for healing and transformation
  • Find out how your own self-created sounds can serve to enhance personal health and wellness
  • Participate in activations and initiations previously only available in live workshop settings
  • Discover how to utilize the Divine Name for Global Harmonization
  • Experience the power of the Divine Name group intonation on 11/11/11

DVD Program Contents Include:

DISC ONE: Introductory Multi-Media Presentation
The Power of Sound

Resonance, Frequency, Intent, Entrainment and others aspects of how sound can be used to heal and transform. With group exercises, sound healing techniques, extraordinary visual images, award winning healing music and cutting edge scientific and spiritual information.

DISC TWO: Experiential Workshop
Part I: Vowels As Mantras

  • Fundamentals of Breath & Toning -The basics of breath and resonating the body, brain and etheric fields using self-created
  • Vowels As Mantras – Learning to resonate the chakras with the Sacred Vowel Sounds

DISC THREE: Experiential Workshop Part II
Vocal Harmonics

  • Principles of Harmonics – Learning to create and two or more notes simultaneously and experience the resultant transformative effects.
  • Angel of Sound Activation – Initiation into resonance with the Angel of Sound

DISC FOUR: Experiential Workshop Part III
Sounding the Divine Name

  • Sounding of the Divine Name – Learning to intone and experience the power of the universal sound of the Divine Name
  • Using The Divine Name for Prayer – The culmination of this workshop: a group experience of using the Divine Name for healing, prayer, meditation and transformation.