Global Healing Vision

The Divine Name Global Healing Vision

Every Healing Sounds Intensive is extraordinary. Every exercise we experience filled with amazing thoughts and visions. I have had many different revelations regarding sound, spirit and soul—some resulting in books, recordings, new exercises and techniques. Many of my “Aha” moments are also quite personal and deeply moving for me. Because of the richness and abundance of so many memories, it is impossible for me to single out a year and then a specific memory from my year to write about. There are too many—so varied that the breadth and width of them encompasses all aspects of being—from the seemingly mundane to the profoundly spiritual. And they’re all equally valid and important. Not only to myself, but I feel, to others. Therefore, I write this story to share with you as a way of initiating response from you so that you too share an experience from your time at the Healing Sounds Intensive.

What I’m going to do now describe what may the most significant experience I have had at the Healing Sounds Intensive. It occurred in 2011 and involved the Divine Name. I have written it for myself. And I have written it for you. But mostly, I have written it so that it can be remembered.

 I think in reality, the actual experience may have been recorded in nano-seconds, or whatever say of measuring is used for time that is so short it doesn’t exist. Yet, at the same time, it was timeless, and for all I know, still is occurring even as I write this.

We had just completed learning to Intone the Divine Name and we using it for prayer. In fact, we had just completed the last segment of that technology in which we visualize a holographic image of the world floating above the center of the crystal grid while we intone the Divine Name, bathing the planet with the energies of this most sacred sound.

Suddenly, everything stopped. Time stood still. I became aware of a pale, bluish-white energy emerging from the mouths of those who were intoning the Divine Name. This energy came from each person and coalesced in the center of the grid, surrounding an etheric form of our beloved planet with these vibrations of the sacred sound.

 As this occurred, an inward knowing revealed that from my perspective, two things were important (three really!). First, that it was necessary for actual physical plane groups to meet together and to do this exercise exactly as we were doing it—sounding the Divine Name in a circle while visualizing the Earth at the center of the circle, being bathed in this sacred energy. Second, that similar type groups be meeting throughout the planet at the same time, doing the same exercise. Third, that these groups be somehow connected—I saw a kind of grid upon the Earth—specific points and patterns where people were meeting together and sounding, being connected by lines of energy.

 I realized that the Internet was the vehicle that would connect these people—whether it was through audio or video streaming I do not know. But that it was a combination of the individual live groups occurring and connecting with each other as well as with multitudinous other people throughout the planet was powerful. It held the potential to be THE single most important means of using sound coupled with conscious intent to make vibratory shifts and changes on the Earth. Through this simultaneous activation of sound occurring through our planet, we could be lifted into a new level of evolution.

Then time snapped back into its regularity and normal temporal existence resumed. But whatever space I had been previously in somehow granted me that vision of using the Divine Name as a means to achieve astounding and miraculous effects upon Planet Earth.

I share this vision with you because I think it is so important. But I also write it as an initiatory invitation—a first step to request that you relate any experiences that you may have had with the Divine Name and would like to share with us on this site. In addition, there may be some inspiration that occurs for you through my sharing of this experience with the Divine Name—an inspiration that helps the manifestation of sacred sound for planetary healing that I envisioned.

From my perspective there was great significance with the vision of the Divine Name for Global Healing. I know there will be more to follow.

Blessings of Light & Love through Sound,

Jonathan Goldman